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Hey Browser is a lightweight mobile browser which provides a speedy and simple web browsing experience.

About Hey Browser

You will love the fast browsing functionality, along with the light-weight small compact nature of the quick browser sized at only 2MB.

And that’s not all, as an added feature the browser also supports the Scanning of QR Codes.


Built in Chromium

Simple and elegant UI Design

Search engine functionality and results powered by Yahoo




Multi-Tabs Manage

Dark Mode

Very fast page load

Freely download Hey Browser today.

Built by Hey Browser

We build and monetise custom mobile and desktop browsers. Both owned & operated, and for key partners.

Our extensions are aimed to improve overall user experience, increase engagement levels and maximise revenue return based on search activity on our approved search feeds.

We provide our global partners with scalable solutions so they can achieve their user acquisition and retention goals, combined expertly with search traffic monetisation.